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Welcome To NES City

Old News
NES Monster - 04.22.04
Alright folks, this is like, the biggest update ever. It gives me great pleasure to do this... *scratches self*... and to do this: I've released our King's Quest V shrine, complete with one of my favorite Flash movies I've ever made as an intro. There's about 15 AIM icons, three desktop backgrounds and lots of screenshots for you in there. The layout of the shrine leaves something to be desired, so I might revamp it later. With that on the table, I'll see you a shrine and raise you kidkool added to our Phone Book, a new versus, and a new desktop background. Like I said, a big update yeah? Hard to believe it only took me three days to make all this. In the near future, expect an interview with the folks at Ground Kontrol!


NES Monster - 04.11.04
What's the deal, banana peel? Thanks to the folks at JavaScript City, I've completed one of the perks of the site. I've been working on it for about a month and had to turn to their brains for a few pointers on how to get our flash banner to change based on what time it is. Trivial? Yes. Pointless? Yes. Is it cool? To me, yes. In case you missed out on the news, we've kicked all the folks from our forum to NWW's new forum. So you can go there for your community inquiries. But enough talk about tweaking the layout and generating traffic, that's not what makes a site great, content does! And guess what? I haven't done a thing for that! If you missed our Easter Egg hunt special event, Turtle won the prize, which was what you would've seen if you read this update on Monday - A double-sized, bold lettered plug of her NES site. Congrats to her and the close runner-up, c8b. Still want to go hunting? I've left the eggs up for the rest of the week, they're a little rotten though, so don't touch any of 'em.


NES Monster - 04.08.04
What's new, Peggy Sue? For starters I've added two more NES icons, but the problem is that the Ducktales one is over 7 KB, which AIM doesn't allow. Second, BombOmb's Corner of Duds has added Taboo: The Sixth Sense to his stash of the worst games ever. Along with the site being tweaked to preserve bandwidth and my scurrying to create forum graphics, that's about it! Cheers to NWW and NES Player for pulling some awesome April Fool's pranks. Keep an eye out this weekend for an NES City Easter egg hunt!


Weird-Edsel - 03.28.04
Most of you may know this by now, but www.nesforums.com has passed on. Yeah, its a sad thing, but dont worry! NEScity has started a new forum to fill it's shoes. Actually, NESmonster has been messing around with a forum for quite some time now. We're still getting the kinks out of it. Like random sprites and that horrid color scheme. We're working on it. So, lets start this new chapter of the NES Scene and start over again! Start postin'!
Also, I got off my lazy ass and actually DID SOMETHING! Me? Actually updating the site!? Pfft. Well, as hard to imagine as it is, I added the two shrines of Rad Racer and Solstice. You will find them cleverly filed under "The Church" section of the menu... Enjoy!

For older news, check out the archives.


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