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About NES City

NES City is the product of two sites coming together. We're not really devoted to anything in particular, except creating NES related content but that's about it. I'm pretty sure the only reason we're devoted to making NES material is because the name is NES City. If it was Penny City then I'd suppose we'd be devoted to writing about pennies, but thank god it isn't eh?

Anyways, Edsel's site has been around for five years now and it's been known for its addictive writing material and fresh ideas. It's been panned, underrated and knocked down over the years but Ed stood through it all never giving up (no matter how staggered his updates). 

In November of 2003, I (Monster) decided I wanted to be lazy too, and talked to Edsel about joining NES Monster and NES City together. Edsel hated the idea, but everything wrote itself out after I put the gun to Ed's head and said "look we're joining sites and you're gonna like it." 

We decided to keep it a secret until we had everything done, and to begin working on NES City we'd have to set up take down NES Monster's old site. And for that to happen we had to tell NES Phone's staff and Qix about our plan. It was at that point that Qix came up with the idea for me to tell everyone that was dead. So, thinking I'd have the site done earlier, I did tell everyone and sure enough everyone believed me. Because I was telling the truth, was dead, but the site wasn't. I also said it was gone because I believed the site wasn't as good as it could've been, which was also true. 

And here's the proof, NES City. Now Edsel loves the idea, some might say even voluntarily, but that's not the point; the point is NES City is the combination of two NES sites put together, devoted to having fun with the NES and all of its blood thirsty minions. The End.

How Monster does it
Since I don't want to keep any secrets, I'll gladly share how I did all this stuff in the layout that you see before you. And no, the answer isn't "I'm a hardcore HTMLer!" Because the truth is I'm a lazy bastard who doesn't know jack.  I did the basic layout in FrontPage using tables, color schemes and system default fonts (Verdana - 8 point). 

The fact I have the menus and sidebars on every page isn't fancy either, it's SHTML. Which is easier to learn than any really handy thing I've ever learned before. In short, all it means is that whenever I want to change the menu or sidebar, I only have to do it once. Shout out to my main man, Royal Ranger for introducing me to that stuff, thanks dawg! I love  ya man!  

The ad generator is your basic Javascript, nothing special there. All of the ads were done in Photoshop and ImageReady, those are really easy to make if you know any Photoshop stuff. On the same note, the same script I used for the ad generator is the same script I used for the random NES Forums graphic generator. Really easy stuff, like I keep saying, just go search google. The NES Icons, desktop backgrounds, and pretty much anything I make is all done with Photoshop & ImageReady. Except for Whip, which is done with a 3D landscaping program called Bryce.

And the banner up at the top is of course done in Flash, as well as my Flash movies and Shockwave films. Great programs you should learn if you're ever into web design and making neat little movies. Once you learn one program you pretty much can pick up anything else with ease. 

Anyways, if you ever want to have a little walkthrough and you own these programs, just ask and I'll walk you through it. I don't have a problem with teaching others as I'm taught. Good luck to all you NES sceners out there with your sites, can't wait to see your work.


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