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T! True NES Stories
Here's where I interview all the famous NES stars and learn their stories on how they made their way to stardom! You'll learn their past, present, future, what they eat, hate, love, adore and anything an obsessive compulsive stalker needs to know. So browse this section all you want, fans, haters, and butcher-knife carrying freaks 'cause it's all here for you!

The Games
Dragon Warrior
Erdrick's descendant stops by T! for a little talk about his quest and his ability to squeeze experience points out of the smallest of creatures. With a Kodak moment, diagram, and an immature sense of humor, this month's T! True NES Story is one to remember.

Elevator Action
Otto from Elevator Action just happen to be wandering the parking lot of T! True NES Stories, I grabbed him for a second, interviewed him, and this story turned up. The life of guns and risers (elevators... I called them risers to make a pun like Guns N' Roses, but it was such a weak pun I felt it needed explanation in these parenthesis) is unfolded in this article of T!.

The world's most famous Italian plumber was naturally our first choice to interview. We probed him of all the things we could think of, like how did his graphics get so good over the years? And what exactly does he do with fire starting spit? It'sa him, Mario!


Across The Street:

Late NES
Get interviews with NES characters while they were still in business.

The Album
See more photos of the NES characters in real life situations.

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