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The #NES_chat Room

Our chat room is on an IRC server that can be accessed in one of the two methods below. There are no rules for the chat room except that we don't allow any mention of the word "asphalt" 'cause, well, it's a dirty dirty word. 
Join #NES_chat via mIRC (RECOMMENDED!) Join #NES_Chat via Java

Download mIRC here:

If you know what you're doing:
The server is
The channel is #neschat

If you're new to mIRC:
1. Open mIRC.
2. Close the little 'About mIRC box' that pops up.
3. In the window that pops up afterwards, click the 'Add' button in the upper right and fill in the description box with 'Dalnet' and the server box with, then click 'add'.
4. Fill in the forms below with the info they request.
5. Click 'Connect to server' and a list of chat rooms will pop up.
6. Under 'Enter Name of Chat Room to join' type in "#neschat" (no quotes).


Connect through Java here:

This Java applet takes approximately 30 seconds to load over a 56k modem, so if you connect through this and see a gray box, just wait for a while so it can load.

If a pop up window asks you if you want to instal the JPilot software, hit 'Yes.'

The only form you need to fill out is your screen name, after that just click 'Connect'.

We strongly recommend that you download mIRC or one of the many other IRC clients avaliable on the internet. Java is very weak and doesnt offer all the goodies mIRC does. Java is just one working alternative.

A Few Basic Commands
If you're new to IRC, here are a few basic commands that all IRC members should know:

/me - Used as an action command for members in the chat room.
Typing "/me shuts up and sits down shows up" appears "*NESMonster shuts up and sits down."

/nick - Used to change your nickname.
Typing "/nick Thisnameissexy" would change your name to Thisnameissexy". Please note that changing your name to one that is already taken by someone in the room will add (1) to your name to avoid confusion.

/quit - Leave the room and quits, you can also type "/quit *Adios guys! I have to go!" which would show up "NESMonster has left the room (Adios guys! I have to go!).

For a complete list of commands, click here.


Across The Street:

If Edsel and Monster aren't on, ask us a question using one of the methods here.

Town Hall
Discuss NES ideas & more with other NES players at our forum.

Right side


Get yours: S | M | L

NES Icon:

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