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Federation Story
Royal Ranger is aiming for the record; this site documents the progress on what will be the web's longest NES Flash movie. One man's quest to become a screenwriter has to start somewhere.

Flying Omelette's Kitchen
The classic NES site that has surpassed millions of other sites in quantity and quality. This site, believe it or not, was the first NES site I found and explored. A must see for any NES site surfers.

Mighty Mo's World
Mighty Mo's got everything an NES site needs, and then some - complete with web site music, crazy backgrounds, javascript, and a ton of animated GIFs. Okay, so it could do without some of that stuff - but the material is worth a look.

With humor tagging along in every page, NES? is one of the more enjoyable NES sites that won't bore you or keep you in one place for too long. It's like the MTV of NES sites, except good.

NES Chedda
What once was dead is creeping back into the NES scene, one staggered update at a time. Be thankful, enjoy it while it lasts. NES Chedda is not something you should take for granted! 

NES Files
This site is so effectively intertwined with its community it's crazy. Open for anyone to write a review, this is the place you should go before ever purchasing an NES game.

NES Forums
The forum all NES fans hang around and talk about, well, the NES. A lot of NES site webmasters hang around here too (including myself), and it's the greatest way to contact your favorite NESers.

NES Fountain
Don't skip this one. I admit this award-winning NES Fountain may look like another NES site, but Ruudos has what's easily one of the best sites on this list. He's got exclusive interviews, European content, and more (be sure to check out his angry letters!).

NES Land
After some trouble with the NES community, NES land's clean slate looks much better than it did before. If you're willing to give the webmaster a second chance, by all means, visit.

NES Phone  
Hey, it's good enough for me to host. That should be more than motivation for you to go. ;) 

NES Player
Mike's masterpiece now remains on the web for all to explore. This site was my inspiration to start my own site, and practically everything you see now was all inspired by NES Player. I've submitted Flash movies, donations, and even the logo of the site to thank Mike. It's the least I could do. Thanks, Mike.

NES Times
If emo had it's own NES Site, this would be it. Andrew is just one messed up guy in general, and his site is no exception. His unique writing style keeps readers drawn in and comfortable, he talks to you on a much different level than other NES sites, and it's that style of writing that makes this site a classic. That and its ton of content. 

Ladies, feeling alone in the NES Community? Meet Turtle, the only one (I think) running a tremendously helpful and easy-to-read NES site. She's got tips on how to clean your cartridges, game manuals, galleries and lots more. A good site for people who enjoy some creative writing in their NES site surfing.

NES Zone
It's quite possibly the most underrated NES site out there; NES Zone has a lot of fresh ideas that get lots of hard work put into them, yet very little recognition. strx10 has done a great job, and deserves to have your attention.

It's a rare find, to see an NES site with a great layout that keeps the NES feel (no offense, other sites), and this one does just that. With music, articles, and more than enough original content to be called a classic, this site's got just what it takes to stay on top.

Nintendo's Official NES Site
Possibly the most basic NES web page, and yet it comes up first in the search engines. Nintendo's official NES site is very informative, but uh.... not something you can stay at for more than five minutes without being bored.

NWW - NES World Wide
The big staff at NWW updates so frequently, it's hard to skip a beat. This site and my own exchange tons of ideas, some only they can pull off, and some only I can pull off. I'd like to say they do everything I can't, but then again, they seem to be able to do everything I can. A great site all around.

Seanbaby's NES Page
Seanbaby is known for his profanity drenched witty writing style, and for him to have his own NES page is the greatest concept ever. Just don't expect any updates.

smackdown GT
It's like all the great NES sites mixed into one. Smackdown GT is the most down-to-earth NES site, giving viewers and readers the opportunity to settle down and dive into the side sections with ease. A great site for beginner NES site surfers 

Super Mario Bros., the classic game that a lot of people can relate to as the one that started it all, deserves a high quality SMB fan site, and that's just what this is. 

tsr's NES Archive
Geeze, if you haven't been here, you don't deserve to be an NES fan. Tsr's NES archive is just one of those sites that everyone's heard of.

Warp Zone
Warp Zone has been around for quite a while, with its GameSpy hosting this site's easily one of the old unique and classic sites.


Non-NES Related
If you've ever craved a radio station that plays nothing but songs from your favorite video games, GamingFM is right up your alley. Taking requests over its streaming audio, this site's the best concept since sex.

This site is the acknowledgement from youth to the world that America's future knows the flaws in the brainwashing material spewed out on the tubes and will not stand idle without criticizing such garble in a witty and persuasive manner.

Lick My Jesus
A very underrated website that needs more attention. If you need a good laugh and share the same weird sense of humor as we do, you will enjoy this site beyond comprehension.

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