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Duck Hunt Insanity
I personally believe that Duck Hunt is the most popular game Nintendo ever released. If you stop some stranger on the street and say, "Hey, have you ever played Duck Hunt?" They would say, "Why of course, I have played Duck Hunt before." (Actually, they would probably just stare at you and either punch you or say "Leave me alone, I don't know you.") But besides that: I am 100% positive that YOU have played Duck Hunt before. You have also noticed that Duck Hunt has no end. It goes on forever and ever making the ducks fly faster and faster. A recent poll I hosted suggested that the highest round anyone remembered getting to in Duck Hunt was round 50. By round 50 it's safe for me to say they got tired of the game and wished never to play it again. This is where I come in and spoil the fun. I am going to do something that could question my sanity. It could make me loose my mind completely and even make me hate the NES forever...

I am going to get to round 100 in Duck Hunt. If I get to 100, I will try to keep going. I want to know if this game has an ending, or if it just repeats itself. I am going to play Duck Hunt for hours upon hours WITHOUT CHEATING IN ANY FORM. I wont use the Game Genie. I wont adjust the TV's settings. I will stand a reasonable distance from the TV screen. However, I will use a LICENSED wireless Nintendo Zapper with a scope. It's called "The Dominator ProBeam". It's a good Zapper, and its licensed by Nintendo, so using it shouldn't be considered cheating...

I will try the whole summer of 2003 to try and accomplish my goal. I will keep a detailed log on every time I play the game to keep you up to date. I will accomplish my goal. Keep checking back here.

Log Status
#1 The Sensitive Zapper FAILED
#2 Team Work? FAILED
#3 Brightness vs. Contrast FAILED
#4 Boredom FAILED


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