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Duck Hunt Insanity

Duck Hunt Insanity: Log 2

  Another day closer to insanity. Now that I have officially ditched the wireless zapper I was using, I went on to face Duck Hunt like a true NES geek. My brother is the one to blame for this failed log. I went into his room to borrow the gray zapper (which, in my opinion, is better than the orange) and he came in to watch me play.

I shot 12 perfect rounds in a row this time. I was talking to my brother about ways to cheat on this game. I told him about the special trick where you can control the ducks with the controller. He didn't believe me and wanted to try it. I let him. First, he was just making the ducks fly in the corner. I shot 5 perfect rounds with him doing that. Then he got bored and decided to randomly smash the controller so the ducks were impossible to hit. I ended the day with a failure on round 29.

Yeah, I guess it was my fault actually for letting him mess with the game. Plus, I see what I was doing as cheating. So, I guess it was some sort of sick, twisted lesson for me...
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Log Status
#1 The Sensitive Zapper FAILED
#2 Team Work? - You're here. FAILED
#3 Brightness vs. Contrast FAILED
#4 Boredom FAILED


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