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Duck Hunt Insanity

Duck Hunt Insanity: Log 4

  Today I had my friends over. We were sitting in my room watching music videos and decided to play the NES. Duck Hunt was in and we started playing it. I told them of my goal to reach round 100 this summer. They watched me shoot 10 perfect rounds in a row. I decided to show them the many ways to cheat on this game again. All didnt work well, of course.

We all got bored at round 20 when you cant miss a single duck and keep going. And I missed one of the ducks. So I didnt continue past 20.

Then, on a better note, we took out the Power Pad and raced the computer on World Class Track meet. The highest round we saw on that was when my friend raced "Bobcat". He lost and we spent the rest of the time talking about how "Bobcat" cheated. Because he did. We will meet another day Bobcat...but thats a whole different section.


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Log Status
#1 The Sensitive Zapper FAILED
#2 Team Work? FAILED
#3 Brightness vs. Contrast FAILED
#4 Boredom - You're here. FAILED


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