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Watch It!

Turn-based 2 player games get boring? Is your friend just cruising through Mario Bros. and you haven't played ONCE except for that first life where you, of all things, ran into that first goomba? Well, never fear, here's some things you can do while you wait to play!

1. Drinking Games

Okay, so not all of you can do this, but this IS a natural alternative. Most people play drinking games like this when they're watching a movie, and you're watching someone play a game, so is there that dramatic of a difference? Obviously not.

Take a glug (I recommend picking one and sticking with it, unless, you know, you want to SUCK when your turn comes around):
- Everytime he finds health.
- Advances to the next level.
- Gets an extra life.
- Falls victim to the "PRESS BUTTONS" hold.
- Finds a secret area.

2. For The Impatient

Be the backseat player, "Go left! Jump! Oh! Too soon!" They'll get frustrated, surely affecting their game play and maybe dying sooner than if you said nothing and watched them beat the game. Also be a distraction, walk in front of them repeatedly, maybe drop something in front of the telly taking your sweet time picking it up. And finally, if you're player one, and can pause the game - by all means do it. Nothing pisses the player off more than being paused in mid-jump. Or if you're REALLY bored, act like you're playing - try and press buttons in unison with them, if you do it well enough it'll feel like you're playing!

3. Alternatives

Everybody pipe down!Mute the TV and be the sound effects guy, nothing's more fun than being the sound effects guy for a video game while you're waiting. Either that or find a gaming "patch" to settle your craving - Game Boy, Solitaire, or even doodling. Also, if your friend is just breezing through the game, have him play it upside down - any game, no matter how well you have it mastered, is a tad bit harder when played upside down, dare him to do it! For the sake of fair 2 player action!

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