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Paperboy - NES City happenings
Extra! Extra! - Current news and events. Catch all the updates and news here, as well as the story behind the headlines and site changes.

Local History - News archives. If you missed anything while it was on the news, read about it here for that nostalgic feeling. Or perhaps it satisfies a detective craving you peruse. Or maybe I'm just wishfully thinking I'm not the only one.

The Library - Reading material
Reviews (Edsel) - Read reviews provided by Weird-Edsel and crew on NES games.

Articles (Edsel) - Get articles pertaining to the NES and NES related material.

Editorials - Opinions from both of us about NES related material.

Classic Games (Edsel) -  Just bought an NES? Be sure to check out these titles if you want to see what's so addicting about it.

NES Pastimes (Edsel) - Learn information on the NES in the media.

T! True NES Stories (Monster) - Enjoy some messed up interviews on where NES characters are now.

BombOmb's Corner of Duds (Monster) - Check out reviews on the crappiest games for the NES known to man.

Window Shopping (Monster) - Examine NES merchandise to every little detail, with links to whereabouts on where to obtain your own, Window Shopping just might make you a buyer.

The Mall - Fun stuff for your spare time
Duck Hunt Insanity (Edsel) - Observe the logs of a man(?) hell-bent on seeing if Duck Hunt has an ending.

Late NES (Edsel) - Witness reruns of Late NES, the late show for NESers where NES characters were interviewed on a talk show while they were still in business.

Mystery NES Theatre 3000 (Edsel) - See the NES exclusive parody of a classic show in the form of a comic strip. M.N.T.3k.

NES ASCII Art Gallery (Edsel) - You don't need a pen or pencil for this action, just some artistic talent and a lot of time on your hands.

Caption This! (Edsel)- Write out captions for pictures NES City provides. The winner receives credibility and SN immortality within the picture they captioned.

NESellaneous (Edsel) - Anything that's not really fittable into any of these categories is put here. Check up on it for some crazy stuff.

Coin Grab Game (Edsel) - Test your NES knowledge in the coin grab game. Shiva!

Break time (Edsel) - Need a break? I don't know how to break this to you, but break a leg and get over to Break Time whenever you want the breaks... I AM THE PUN KING.

Versus (Monster) - A character from today's games goes up against an NES character in ten rounds of comparison... shut up! It's more entertaining than you'd think!

The Album (Monster) - Flip through Kodak moments of NES characters in their life.

NES View (Monster) - NES Flash and Shockwave movies from NES Monster.

Comics (Monster) - Don't wait for the Sunday paper, these will do just fine.

Tourist Traps - Stuff you can take with you, souvenirs if you will.
Tricked Out - Grab some Desktop backgrounds in three sizes each.

NES Icons - AIM icons/avatars featuring NES characters. All under 7KB for AIM.

NES Midis/MP3s - Snatch some NES tunes for some easy listening.

Winamp Skins - Customize your Winamp player with these beauties.

Emulation - Play the NES games on your PC, all within legal bounds of course.

The Church - Worship your God(s) at any of these fine shrines
Rad Racer


Services - Public provided services for the every day NES City citizen.
Online Store - Horribly overpriced Cafepress merchandise that we don't see a cent from.

Tour Guide - Fancy shmancy name for the sitemap, which is what you're at now. You're here because you want some descriptions on what each of the sections are.

You Are Here - But where is here? This is the "About NES City" page, find out just what it is that NES City's about.

Brochure - Fake FAQ about the site.

Taxi! - This is our linkage page, travel to other NES sites found here. Each one is provided with a brief description as to what separates it from other NES sites.

Community Stuff - Things where folks like you can participate.
Citizens - Where you can send in your picture and info about your NES collection!

Phone Book - If you want to be contacted by other NES fans, submit your contact info to our phone book!

Town Hall - The NES City site forum provided by Talk with other NES City lovers and exchange ideas on content we have up or content you'd like to see.

Chat Room - Chat with fellow NES City lovers through Java or IRC. All info provided!


Across The Street:

About The Site
Find out what the site's about here.

Town Hall
Talk to other NES City lovers in the forums!

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