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Local History
Here's where we keep an archive of past events, some links may be broken but don't bother reporting them. I'm pretty sure Ed & I are too lazy to repair anything. My updates are on the left and Ed's are on the right. These archives date back to when started. If you want older updates, like from before Ed & I joined forces, then request 'em from either one of us and we might just have it somewhere for you.

NES Monster's updates

Weird-Edsel's updates

NES Monster - 07.12.04
Okay, so I just know you're dying for another update since it's been a month since we last posted one, so here it is. A couple of you have submitted some Weird Ways To Die in NES games, so they've been posted in NESellaneous, which renders that section open! I've received two e-mails from the same dude telling me all about his new IRC chat room registered for GameFAQ's NES fans, so with that, the IRC server is, with the room being #NES. There's an icon that's been sitting in the new icon spot on the right for a couple days, and a desktop background is in the works that'll probably get posted within the week. Now let's get back to enjoying the summer! 


NES Monster - 06.01.04
Heyyy you guuuyyys! For the fellow Photoshop freaks, I've made an article on how to make your own NES characters and animations! For you tourists, I've made one new NES icon. And for you people who notice things before I mention them, I've registered NES City as the "official Nintendo fansite" of the Internet. In retrospect I should've listed it as NES fansite, but whatever works. It's all on the official official registry found through That's your mini-update for now, citizens. Go to it!


NES Monster - 05.27.04
Cowabunga! My mail's working again! Anyone who tried sending anything in the past week or so would've been rejected on account my mail server was busted, which was what delayed this update; accept my apologies? I've made one icon, one desktop background, and added a new item to Window Shopping. Last but not least, NES City has interviewed Portland's Ground Kontrol about their popular retro arcade and how they came to be - I suggest you check this out if nothing else. For those snooping around the King's Quest V shrine, you might've noticed I began mapping out the desert, but haven't quite finished. So stay outta there until further notice unless you have a thing for 404 messages! In other news, be sure to order your GameBoy Advance NES collection, getting released on June 7th! Now you can take all that classic  NES goodness on the road with you! 


NES Monster - 05.09.04

Happy Mother's Day! I <3 my madre. But enough of that, let's get to the new stuff! Today there's a new editorial up on some of the weirdest ways you can die in NES games, it may seem short because you can submit some weird ways to die! They'll end up added to the editorial as we receive them and, depending how many we get, we might just make it into a section of its own. For you tourists, there's been an icon from 8 Eyes sitting in the new icon slot on the right bar for the past week, but now the newest one is from Mike Tyson's Punch Out! May not seem like much, but it's better than nothing, right? Right. Besides, I've been going through pages changing the page titles from "" to more descriptive ones like "NES City | News", this is for a search feature we'll be adding later.


NES Monster - 04.26.04
You know what's stupid? I mean, besides me.... no wait, that's the answer. Yes, I'm stupid. Why? Because I released something that wasn't done, which was the King's Quest V shrine. Have I finished it yet? No, but since I posted it up I've added 15 more AIM icons (you might recall the last update saying I had 30 to begin with... I lied), and added the first map. It seems a bit thorough.. okay really thorough, but when I went searching for maps when I first played it only to be let down with a bunch of ASCII crap, I decided to make my own. So yeah, with that I've also added a new advertisement (To NES City - the only website that considers ads an update) for Retro Nintendo; a great NES website that has stayed under our radar for too long. Finally, I've created an RSS news feed for NES City that will be updated every week there's an update. For more information on that term that probably just went over your head, go find out more info.


NES Monster - 04.22.04
Alright folks, this is like, the biggest update ever. It gives me great pleasure to do this... *scratches self*... and to do this: I've released our King's Quest V shrine, complete with one of my favorite Flash movies I've ever made as an intro. There's about 15 AIM icons, three desktop backgrounds and lots of screenshots for you in there. The layout of the shrine leaves something to be desired, so I might revamp it later. With that on the table, I'll see you a shrine and raise you kidkool added to our Phone Book, a new versus, and a new desktop background. Like I said, a big update yeah? Hard to believe it only took me three days to make all this. In the near future, expect an interview with the folks at Ground Kontrol!


NES Monster - 04.11.04
What's the deal, banana peel? Thanks to the folks at JavaScript City, I've completed one of the perks of the site. I've been working on it for about a month and had to turn to their brains for a few pointers on how to get our flash banner to change based on what time it is. Trivial? Yes. Pointless? Yes. Is it cool? To me, yes. In case you missed out on the news, we've kicked all the folks from our forum to NWW's new forum. So you can go there for your community inquiries. But enough talk about tweaking the layout and generating traffic, that's not what makes a site great, content does! And guess what? I haven't done a thing for that! If you missed our Easter Egg hunt special event, Turtle won the prize, which was what you would've seen if you read this update on Monday - A double-sized, bold lettered plug of her NES site. Congrats to her and the close runner-up, c8b. Still want to go hunting? I've left the eggs up for the rest of the week, they're a little rotten though, so don't touch any of 'em.


NES Monster - 04.08.04
What's new, Peggy Sue? For starters I've added two more NES icons, but the problem is that the Ducktales one is over 7 KB, which AIM doesn't allow. Second, BombOmb's Corner of Duds has added Taboo: The Sixth Sense to his stash of the worst games ever. Along with the site being tweaked to preserve bandwidth and my scurrying to create forum graphics, that's about it! Cheers to NWW and NES Player for pulling some awesome April Fool's pranks. Keep an eye out this weekend for an NES City Easter egg hunt!


NES Monster - 03.26.04
If you want to know what's up, the answer is not much. There's a new method of contacting me, and that is through Jabber. I've been working on adding a neat little perk to the site through java, which would change the banner depending on what time of day it is. Next, I've plugged a website that totally has nothing to do with the NES, which is Lick My Jesus. Also, I've submitted NES City to the DMOZ directory with success; this will help generate more traffic. You've also probably noticed the Google ads below, I assure you this is as far as it goes. It'll make a couple extra cents for us, and the ads aren't that distracting or bad. They might even be removed on Edsel's wishes. Finally, there's been a Window Shopping item added since the last update. I know it's not much, but I figure I'd let you know we're not dead.


NES Monster - 02.17.04
Wow! What an update! Not much for the tourists because I can't find a ROM, sprite sheet or any helpful thing for Big Nose the Caveman which is the next line in requests, but everything else has a few new bits added. A match in the boxing ring of versus has been tossed in, along with two new items placed into Window Shopping; one is the Pac-Man shirt from 80's tees which was mentioned last time (what service), and the other one was submitted by Turtle of Nesurbia! Along with those, I've also finished up the last movie in Pastimes, replaced our banner, added a PayPal button, and put in a new ad in the ad generator. What a day!


NES Monster - 02.13.04
Since the last time I updated, there's been a new desktop background added, a new NES icon, and The Wizard section has been completed. Recently I've discovered a collection of Happy Meal toys that NES lovers such as yourselves might be interested in. I've also gone on a shopping spree and bought a few shirts from online stores (one, two!) that will soon be added to the site! Savor the newness!


NES Monster - 02.07.04
Although it doesn't look like much has been done, there has. I've put the entire banner and upper menu in its own little text document so that the Flash movie either works on all or none of the pages. Hopefully it's all... anyways, I did that because people in different browsers were having problems viewing it. I think it's fixed now, but if it's not please notify me in Town Hall. With that out of the way, I can get back to the fun stuff. I've already started by adding two new desktop backgrounds, keep those requests coming!


NES Monster - 02.01.04
Super Bowl Sunday
will not get by without an update! Today I've added an editorial that's just as crazy as the last one. Also, in the spirit of the sport, I've created a Tecmo Super Bowl AIM icon. That's all for today, but on the horizon is an ad for Smackdown and a desktop background for Final Fantasy I. Thanks for voting NES City your #1 NES site for the third week in a row! Although I feel our streak will come to an end with the revival of NES Player, the best NES site on the web.


NES Monster - 01.27.04
Not much this week, city-dwellers. I've created two new sections that are so cliché I had to give one of them a special name so we don't look too plain. The first section is "Brochure" which is a fancy name for FAQ, when in fact the questions have never been asked and if they had it's not frequent at all. But the title is fitting because the questions are answered before they're asked, eh? Eh? Bah, the second section is Editorials. It's not new at all, in fact I just put my old "article" in there after realizing it was more of an editorial. With that, I've also added two new ads to the ad generator with a third one on the horizon. And lastly I made a "vote now" button for the NES Top 10. If this isn't enough to eat your kids, I don't know what is.


NES Monster - 01.24.04
Today I finally added NES Fountain and NESurbia to my links page, it's been a while since they got their own forum at NES Forums and so I figured it's better late than never. With 8-Bit HQ gone, I'm removing their ad from the generator and opening the doors for more requests (even though they were never closed), so just post your request here if you want an ad made. In other news, I've added a new Bubble Bobble desktop background and there's been a new item in the Window Shopping section for a while but I never mentioned it because I am a lazy, lazy monster.


NES Monster - 01.20.04
Okay, so maybe the updates haven't slowed down like I promised, but who cares, you're getting what you want, right? Today, I've added KidKool to our citizens section, added a new item to Window Shopping, opened the archives from all these new updates, and tweaked the layout in an entirely unnoticeable way. But if you're really curious, just click here to see what I did. And finally, in case you didn't know, we were plugged in GamingFM. Let the festivities commence!


NES Monster - 01.18.04
In the headlines this week, Edsel registered us an NES City chat room that can be accessed through both mIRC and the Java page we've got set-up. So now there's no excuse for missing out, and if it's dead, that's because most of the action happens around night (PST). Along with that, I've made a new versus, and another NES icon for the collection. Also, I'd like to welcome MuffRaider to our citizens area and phone book. Finally, if you've got some time to kill and aren't too bad with your art skills, be sure to submit a logo to NES Forums.


NES Monster - 01.15.04
Wow, what a week. We've won your votes in the Top 10 this week, people are requesting stuff like mad, and I've been spending this whole time finishing off our SMB section in NES Past Times. Along with that I've added a new NES Icon as well as the City Citizens section where NES gamers such as yourselves can send in photos along with info about their collection and what their favorite games are. Don't rush yourself though, I'll only accept your photo once. Also, my e-mail is temporarily down, so you'll have to contact me at this temporary address. On a bad note, I found out that my SMB3 icon is too big for AIM, so I've converted it to black & white until I find out what went wrong. And finally, I've revamped the Phone Book (with PPM as our newest addition) as well as the home page with a silly street cam that will change at random intervals, this first one might not be for a while 'cause I like that ninja.


NES Monster - 01.07.04
I was bored yet again today because of our damn weather conditions. So I made a desktop background, two NES icons, and an article that will probably be added to our articles section that doesn't exist at the moment. If it's any good, please tell me in Town Hall, otherwise I'll assume it's a no-go. And while it may be a bit disturbing, it's all I could come up with. Because the truth is it's really hard to explain why I like the NES, I just do. Oh, and congrats to NES Chedda who won the Top 10 of the week at NESForums (And since it's a weekly thing, I highly suggest you go check it out yourself in case you care, so I don't have to plug it each week), and to Strx10 who won my first MPA (bug him for details)!


NES Monster - 01.01.04
Happy new years. With c8b added to the phone book, two new items added to Window Shopping, a new (old) link added to the Taxi, a new SMB 3 icon, and a few modifications to the whole site in general, I think we're off to a great new year. Again, I assure you these updates are out of sheer boredom and not the willingness to work. Once the school term starts up again, I'll probably tone these down a lot more. It depends on just how bored I am.


NES Monster - 12.30.03
I'm back from Canada, and while I ripped my new albums to the computer I got really bored and made some new stuff. Since I got a lot of NES merchandise for Christmas and in Canada, I've decided to write up a section all about the NES merchandise I've got. Don't feel left out, if you're so inclined you can do the same. In fact, by all means please submit some info about anything you might have, less work for us! But before you do, read the first item to get an idea of what we'll expect.


NES Monster - 12. 26. 03

Even though I know it's not the 26th yet (when I posted this it wasn't), I'll just post this so you know what's going on with the site. Everything without a strikethrough on it is done, everything else can be accessed at Edsel's old site. The banner at the top is temporary, seeing as how that's not really city traffic, and I'll be gone for the week in Canada. The only new content that made it through the transfer is the new versus, which was actually complete when NES Monster went down, but I was too lazy to post it. On that note, the only content that didn't make it (by accident - the news archives were on purpose) was the old versus when Spyro went up against Mario. For the record, Mario won. And don't get used to these updates being this close, this is just a set-up for the current situation. 


NES Monster - 12. 25. 03

Merry Christmas. Bet you didn't see this coming. NES City and NES Monster have merged together to form... NES City. Yeah, I gave up the name, but it's still my screen name. Anyways, welcome to Edsel and I will be updating together, so that our lazy procrastinated updates won't seem as staggered. His name, my layout, a fair trade.

Be sure to update your bookmarks for NESPhone too, as their address is now And the Monster forum is no more, as for those mini updates and topics I placed in there, screw 'em, they'll all be posted here. No sense making you check two pages for news anyways. That's all for today, not even any new content, just letting you know what's happened. So yeah... watch them cars ride!


Weird-Edsel - 06.14.04
I'm back, kids. Today's update is all about music! I finished another one of those annoying crossed-out sections: NES MP3s. So far, I've got six great tunes for you to rock out with. But what good are Mp3s when you can't listen with style? Fire up your Winamp players, fans, because you've got some great NES Winamp Skins to try out! Enjoy it, sucka! Also, dont forget the Caption This contest that's going on RIGHT NOW!


Weird-Edsel - 06.03.04
School is out for the summer. Huzzah. You know what that means, kids!? Thats right. Edsel is free to actually pay attention to this website. It also means that those crossed-out sections get to be finished! It's about time I got around to those. Well, let me start off slow, y'know, to get into the hang of things again.
  The long...long absense of Caption This is no more. Thats right, the classic contest that everyone loves is back on the airwaves! It continues right where it left off about a year you didnt miss anything. Alright...enough talk...submit your captions NOW!


Weird-Edsel - 03.29.04

Alright, some of you suggested that we should start our chat room up again. So... we did. Its on IRC and all the info can be located here. Lets hope this room lasts longer, eh?
WAIT!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? TWO UPDATES IN A ROW!? Wow...I might be getting the hang of this website thing...


Weird-Edsel - 03.29.04
Alright, some of you suggested that we should start our chat room up again. So... we did. Its on IRC and all the info can be located here. Lets hope this room lasts longer, eh?
WAIT!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? TWO UPDATES IN A ROW!? Wow...I might be getting the hang of this website thing...


Weird-Edsel - 03.28.04
Most of you may know this by now, but has passed on. Yeah, its a sad thing, but dont worry! NEScity has started a new forum to fill it's shoes. Actually, NESmonster has been messing around with a forum for quite some time now. We're still getting the kinks out of it. Like random sprites and that horrid color scheme. We're working on it. So, lets start this new chapter of the NES Scene and start over again! Start postin'!
Also, I got off my lazy ass and actually DID SOMETHING! Me? Actually updating the site!? Pfft. Well, as hard to imagine as it is, I added the two shrines of Rad Racer and Solstice. You will find them cleverly filed under "The Church" section of the menu... Enjoy!


Weird-Edsel - 01.19.04
Well its been, what, a month already since NESmonster and I merged together to be as one (dont take that litterally)? And all of those links with the annoying slash marks over them are still there. And guess what. I haven't worked on a damn one of them. I am not going to go through a "blame school, whine whine, forgive me" rant. No. I will instead throw a "You're gonna wait for them to finish or Ill kill you" rant. So yes. Wait. Ill get it done in the good future. I hope anyway. Please don't hit me...


Weird-Edsel - 12.28.03
Heh. Just realized that NESmonster opened up and told everyone "our little secret." That's right, you know by now that and NEScity merged to open one master site that will take over the world. First, I need to upload NEScity on this new site. We all know that little task will probably take me millions of hours to finish because I am a lazy ass. I am probably the most laziest person you will ever see. Oh well. Ill get to finishing my part of the job lickety-split (I spelled that right, right?). Hmm...I really have nothing else to say...enjoy.


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