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Window Shopping - Nintendo Walltrim

Quick Info:
Product: Walltrim featuring SMB characters.
Price I paid: $15.00
Place Bought: Wham! in Portland, Oregon
Still made: Yes.

Quick Links:
Search eBay: Nintendo Walltrim, Super Mario Bros. Walltrim, NES Wallpaper.
Search Y! Auctions: Nintendo Walltrim, Super Mario Bros. Walltrim, NES Wallpaper.
Search Google: Nintendo Walltrim, Super Mario Bros. Walltrim, NES Wallpaper.
This Walltrim isn't wallpaper in case you're wondering. It's a long narrow strip of wall covering, featuring Mario holding a green mushroom (or a green Toad?) jumping over a Bullet Bill followed by Bowser chasing a Goomba through the flowers with staggered clouds, stars, and colored coins in the background throughout the whole strip. It is completely removable & reusable and comes with enough trim to cover about 5 meters (4.57 to be exact). And if that's not enough, no worry, it's pretty cheap on the market especially since they still make it! Good luck finding it on the internet though, all searches made yielded no results. 

Product Description:
These descriptions are written out as they are seen from left to right:

A Koopa and Mario dwell on the top of the box. Mario is pointing into the air with his right hand saying in bold capitalized letters: "Putting up this Walltrim is a lot easier than rescuing the princess!" A description of the Walltrim is written in capitalized red bold letters in a bulleted list reading "It's pre-pasted" "It's washable" and "It's strippable" underneath in brackets and smaller print reads "Hanging instructions are packed with the borders." On the very right in the upper corner lies the Official Nintendo Licensed Product seal, and below is where the legal information resides in capital letters in small print: "Wallcoverings & borders manufactured by North American Decorative Products Inc. For Rosewall Inc., Closter, N.J. 07624. Copyright 1989 Nintendo Of America Inc."

A sample of the Walltrim is laid out across the top of the side via an illustration. The words "Carton contains one spool 5 Yards / 4.57 Metres" are on the very upper left corner (no, that's not a typeo, they spelled it like that - Metres), below it is the official Nintendo logo over "Walltrim" in fancy yellow print with a drop shadow. To the right, underneath a display window cut out of the box reads in capital letters "Sculptured Vinyl Border". On the very right edge is Mario with his left hand reaching out to the aforementioned words. Above him reads "SKU 70903".

Koopa is on the left bottom corner in the same pose as he was on the top, beneath him reads "Printed In Canada" (which explains Metres). To the right reads in capital letters "Also available" followed by the official Nintendo logo with "Peel & place stickers" in capital yellow letters underneath. Beneath that in black letters is "42 colorful Nintendo characters per set. Self-adhesive, die-cut stickers are easy to apply, reposition and remove." To the right of that is a giant photo featuring a sample of the aforementioned recommended product. Underneath that photo reads in capital small print "Manufactured by Rosewall Inc. / Closter, N.J. 07524.

An invincible star shines on the back with "Other Fun Wallcoverings and Borders to Choose From" written out in bold yellow print. Following that are several sample photos of the various wall coverings. Underneath the first photo in small capital print reads, "Princess Wall covering - 40901"; "Princess Border - 70900". Underneath the second photo, same font & print: "Super Mario 2 Wallcovering - 40902"; "Super Mario 2 Border - 70901". Underneath the third photo: "Super Mario Wallcovering - 40900"; "Super Mario Border - 70903". Below the last photo: "Nintendo Wallcovering - 40903"; "Nintendo Border - 70902".

Left Side:
From top to bottom reads the official Nintendo logo, followed by "Walltrim" in big yellow capital letters, and "Sculptured Vinyl Border" in small white capital print with a barcode on the bottom; numbers on that are "0 58559 70903 5."

Right Side:
From top to bottom reads the official Nintendo logo, followed by "Walltrim" in big yellow capital letters, and "Sculptured Vinyl Border" in small white capital print. Below in a bulleted list with yellow capital bold print reads "Pre-pasted"; "Washable"; "Strippable."

All pictures are equipped with watermarks to avoid piracy in auctions.

Right side of the box. Left side of the box. Close up of witty Mario remark. Wide shot of the top of the box. 
Left half of the back of the box. Right half of the back of the box. Back of the box.
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