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Classic Games

The NES was the most popular video game system for more than a decade. Why? The games of course! Lets take a look at the all time classics which set a course for how games should be...
The Super Mario Brothers
Super Mario Brothers: Being the main game for the NES, everyone has or had this game. Created by Shigeru Miyamoto, SMB was the first platform game. A hell of a lot funner than PONG or Space Envaders. SMB stands as the base of all NES games today.
Metroid: This is the game that started out all adventure games. It featured different endings, and a brand new scrolling feature where you could go both ways. This was also the first game with a woman as the main character.
Mega Man
The Mega Man Series: Capcom did all 6 of the Mega Man games. They were original, fun, had great music, and could never be beat by any other adventure game out there.
The Legend of Zelda
The Ledgend of Zelda: This was probably the first good RPG style game. I hate RPGs, but I like this game. Its fun, gets your brain thinking at sometimes, and its a game that you could never put down.
ExciteBike: This was the first "interactive" sports game for the NES. I call it interactive because you could build your own track. You can see that I get impressed easily eh?

Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario Bros 3: This game IS the NES. This game is the best selling NES game, for about 5 years! It was first featured in the movie "The Wizard" and sky rocketed from there. Just like the first SMB, everyone has or had this game. The best Mario game out there in my opinion.


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