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Yeah, give it up pal you don't care what we think; this site's devoted to the NES and you came to read NES stuff. So why in the world would you come cruising into an editorials section? For that matter why would we even make one? Who knows? We just have to write out what we think sometimes. So yeah, if you're a loony and really want to read what we think, go right on ahead. Otherwise, go search elsewhere.

The Archive
Timekillers - NES Monster 06.05.05 Kill some time.
Turn-based 2 player games get boring? Is your friend just cruising through Mario Bros. and you haven't played ONCE except for that first life where you, of all things, ran into that first goomba? Well, never fear, here's some things you can do while you wait to play!
Obituaries - NES Monster 05.08.04 Death defying
One day it boggled my mind about all the ways you can die in an NES game. And how some of them didn't even make sense, so I decided to point out a few and have some fun. Again, I didn't know where I was going with it, but hey, I though it was silly enough to publish. This Editorial got enough user-submitted material to get its own section under NESellaneous.
NES Was Marketed To The Future! - NES Monster 2.01.04 It's the FUTURE
While I was downloading a 178 MB patch, I figured I'd once again type up a silly editorial. This was the product of my creative brain fart, a crazy theory that the NES was marketed... to the future! I thought the idea was corny myself, but when I pulled a few reasons out of nowhere, I began believing it too! 
3 Reasons Why I Love The NES - NES Monster 01.07.04 I'm the baby, gotta glove me!
One day in my era of boredom, I thought to myself why it is exactly that I keep playing the NES. So I began typing this editorial out, only to trail off and realize that I couldn't really put into words why I love the NES, I just do. So with that said, I ended up typing up a bunch of silly things that I didn't (and don't) expect anyone to read. In fact I'm surprised you're reading this right now... hot-shot.


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