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Window Shopping

If playing the NES, reading all of its manuals, browsing the internet for NES sites, and rubbing cartridges all over your body isn't enough to satisfy your lust for the console, perhaps spending some currency on NES related merchandise will spit your fireball. If that's the case, you're in the right place. Even though I'm not selling any of the listed items, I do provide links to where you can get what I've got (*cough* EBAY *cough* Yahoo Auctions! *cough*). Just click on any of the images to navigate to the merchandise description, or if that doesn't rescue your princess, you can always just click the titles of the sections.

The Goods
Classy Classically Trained T-Shirt
College drop out? Don't worry, at least they've made a shirt that makes your hobby look like it requires a university to master. 80's Tees pops out another jewel for the retro gaming lovers of today.
Data says this shirt rocks Goonies T-Shirt
Did you love the Goonies II (jerk alert!)? Didn't think so, but the movie still kicked major amounts of ass. So with that, I bought a Gooniest T-Shirt that rocks my socks. That's what I said! A booty trap!
Zelda Sella Zelda Book
Read all about Link in his adventure book! This item is so popular it's still on the market from when it was first sold! Put the kids into bed and read them this bed time story every day of the week.

Submitted by Turtle from NESurbia!

Ms. Pac-Man Figurine
Touching up your geek-friend's cake at his wedding? Filling out a long-lived fantasy? In any case, this figurine of Ms. Pac-Man in a bride's dress will add a real gaming feel to any environment. 

Submitted by Turtle from NESurbia!

Pac your things! Pac-Man Shirt
Mellow your yellow fan ways with this awesome Pac-Man shirt. Not only is it new on the clothes rack, it's also kept the 80's look we all know and love! Yes, it's true what it says, you'll eat it up.
A royal flush GamePack #2
The second pack of cars is almost so identical to the first pack I got, I used the same paragraph structure! More useful tips in this pack, and a lot more stickers too, featuring some from Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! and more!
He's got a point GamePack #1
They're the next best things since pogs! These collectible tips and scratch-off games had the kids wild over the most top secret tips that were so top secret, some of them could be found in your game manual, and the others were on sale for 25 cents at the store!
Now you're really shrooming. Super Mario Bros. 3 Shirt
Need something to spike your shell on St. Patrick's day? Spend the green on this green for some real green. SMB fans can show their love in style on a shirt.
Donkey Kong rub-off cards. Donkey Kong Rub-Off Cards & More
These collectible beauties were once sold for twenty-five cents! Featuring a fun scratch off game, Bazooka bubble gum, and awesome stickers, you definitely got your money's worth.
He may have donkey in his name, but he's no ass Donkey Kong Stuffed Animal
In case your teddy bear doesn't scare off those nightmares, perhaps this miniature replica of a giant ape will.
It's SUPER boys n' girls Nintendo Walltrim
Warp your zones with these stylish walltrims, arriving in three varieties, any NES lover will love a classic touch to their castle. I got this spiffy item in the Christmas of 2003.
Submit your stuff.


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