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Window Shopping - Donkey Kong Rub-Off Cards & More

Quick Info:
Product: Topp's Donkey Kong set of 3 Rub-Off Cards, 3 Stickers, and 1 stick of bubble gum.
Price I paid: $3.00
Place Bought: Ground Kontrol in Portland Oregon.
Still made: No.

Quick Links:
Search eBay: Donkey Kong cards, Topps Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong stickers.
Search Y! Auctions: Donkey Kong cards, Topps Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong stickers.
Search Google: Donkey Kong cards, Topps Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong stickers.
False advertising! My stick of bubble gum was not a stick at all! It was several broken pieces, and I'll be damned if I can chew on these with my canines, let alone blow a bubble with these rocks; now I can see how one could cut their cheek on this stuff! But besides the bubble gum, this product came mint condition and everything I expected it to be. Yeah that's right, I opened them, now they're even more rare (good thing I bought TWO, eh?). These cards are quite awesome, and feature a scratch-off game you can play. The detailed description below will explain the rules. The stickers that came with all of this are also equally awesome, complete with some nice artwork of Donkey Kong, Mario and the Beautiful Girl - I can only assume this was her official name since they capitalized it and everything, I guess she wasn't named Daisy until later. On the back of the stickers is something kind of odd, it's pieces to a larger picture that I can't piece together without more cards. That, and if I remove any of the stickers, the pictures on the back come off with them! I'd say the only thing that gave this product my money's worth were those stickers, the artwork and retro arcade feel they bring just fills me with unexplainable joy.

Product Description:
Wrapped in wax paper, these cards have a lot to 'em.

Front Of Package:
The official Donkey Kong logo is centered on the top of the scene, followed by a flaming barrel headed towards Donkey Kong himself, who stands on a black floor with a picture of the Beautiful Girl's head smiling, and encircled in his right hand. Mario is on Donkey Kong's left shoulder winking at the Beautiful Girl. The ape is pissed. The Topps logo is under Donkey Kong's left hand, and the words "#1 Video Game" are written out with large red bold letters within the shape of a white explosion with a black stroke. Along the bottom of this picture reads in white print, "3 Rub-Off Cards; 3 Stickers - 1 Stick Bubble Gum". Along the right side of the whole thing reads in small black print "(C)1982 Nintendo Of America, Inc."

Back Of Package:
From the upper left corner reads in black capital print, "5 cent Bazooka Bubble gum" a package of Topps Bazooka Bubble Gum appears with a description on the left side written in black large capital print, "It's the juiciest bubblblowingest bubble gum around. You'll love the comics and great prizes." Below that on the bottom half of the package reads out in capital black print, "Topps Chewing Gum, Inc., 'Dureya, PA 18642 - Made in U.S.A." Below that are the ingredients in the same print, "Dextrose, corn syrup, gum base, softeners, natural & artificial flavors, artificial colors & BHT (to maintain freshness)."

Front Of All Three Scratch Off Cards:
See the photographs for a picture of the mazes from all three levels (the different colors are pink, blue, and yellow), with Donkey Kong on the top (still pissed off), the beautiful girl to the right, and Mario down in the lower left corner. The words "Donkey Kong" along the top, and "(C) 1982 Nintendo Of America, Inc." along the right side going vertical in small black capital print.

Back Of All Three Scratch Off cards:
On the top left corner of the card reads, "Topps How To Play Donkey Kong", with a picture of Donkey Kong holding the (I kid you not) sweaty Beautiful Girl who's dress is slipping off her shoulders while busting out of the arcade game and moving the analog stick around. Mario is running up to the video game, with his eyes (presumably) looking up at Donkey Kong. In a double stroked rounded rectangle, the instructions on how to play the scratch off game are written out in small black print: "1. Starting at MARIO, rub off one dot at a time.
2. Move up ladders or across beams, trying to rescue the Beautiful Girl from DONKEY KONG.
3. If you reach the dot nearest the Beautiful Girl, you have rescued her and score 100 points.
4. Uncover a prize and gain bonus points.
      HAMMER - 20 points
      BIRTHDAY CAKE - 50 points
      PHONE, UMBRELLA, LUNCHPAIL - 10 points
How high did you score?
5. Player is out if any combination of 3 fireballs
    and barrels is uncovered.
6. Any number of players can play. Take turns. The player with the highest score
    who reaches the girl, wins.
7. If all players are out, the one with the highest score wins."
Below the rounded rectangle are two boxes side-by-side with the words "Your name" under the left one and "Your score" under the right one, both written out in capital bold print. On the very bottom of the card reads in small capital black print, "(C) 1982 Nintendo Of America, Inc." on the left side, and "Topps chewing gum, Inc." on the right side.

See the photographs for the pictures on the back of the stickers. Also see them for the pictures on the front, the only words that are on all three stickers in small capital white print are, "(C)1982 Nintendo of America Inc." and "PATD. in U.S.A."

In case you missed it, the gum is made out of dextrose, corn syrup, gum base, softeners, natural & artificial flavors, artificial colors and BHT.

All pictures are equipped with watermarks to avoid piracy in auctions.

Front of card 1 Front of card 2. Front of card 3. Front of sticker 1 Front of sticker 2. Front of sticker 3.
Back of the package
Back of all of the rub-off cards. Back of sticker 1. Back of sticker 2. Back of sticker 3. Front of the package.
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