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The NES Monster




Hey there NESers! Time for another update here at the city. I'm putting in yet another small one, since I'm still working on the site as mentioned before. So for now, I've placed Red Paladin in our Citizens section, added a new Boy and His Blob desktop background, and a Q*Bert icon! On top of that, I've made a new editorial about how to kill time when you're waiting for your turn to arrive on those 2-player games. I'm more than willing to add more NES sites to the ad generator on the left, if you have a site, just send it my way. I'll make your ad and place it in the linkage list. Until next time, keep on NESing!  I doubt some of you know this, but on this date in 1999 (5 years ago if you dont want to do the math) NEScity was first launched. Yeah. You guys probably don't remember when I first launched this site on a crappy homestead.com server with pretty much no content at all. But those times are gone. 5 years later you get this great piece of junk! Whoo! Yeah! PARTY!
I kinda feel guilty. I have no real update. I have no celebration planned. I have... nothing. I just wanted to inform you all that this is the big numba 5. I hope the site sees 5 more. Hells yeah!
I might do something soon. Maybe a celebration or some crap. Should'a planned it ahead of time. Heh. Oh well. And yeah, I know the caption this contest is way over due but I am too lazy to end it just now. Ill finish it on the weekend. So get your last minute captions in quick!
That is all. YEAH!

Old News

NES Monster - 3.11.05
So I've been fixing up this website off and on in case you haven't noticed. I need to make it more organized before it gets any bigger so updates aren't so hard to do. Example: see how everything in Window Shopping links to "wsblahblah.shtml", so I know it goes in Window Shopping? Well at the time I totally forgot they do things in folders, so it SHOULD be "nescity.com/windowshopping/a.shtml", get it? Whatever, for today, or this month, or this season, however scarce these updates are these days, I've added a new Dig Dug icon, an Excitebike desktop background, and a new shirt to the window shopping section! I know, not much for how much time I took off, since the last one, but accept it! And take it! And enjoy the summer


NES Monster - 11.01.04

"Back to updates on the norm" he says before bailing out for a month or two. Well, my mail server isn't up, I moved into a place of my own, and got a full time job. I mean, granted I've been in this place for a while, but I wanted to wait 'till I could check my NES City account before updating. But beggars can't be choosers, so I'll just update with something to tide you over. I've made four Gauntlet icons, one desktop background, and made a set of NES phrases you can say in everyday predicaments. A reminder our RSS feed has its own LiveJournal syndicated feed (and so do I!). If there's any NES sites out there that want to get on the radar, send me your link and I'll make you an ad for our generator. The NES web ring is running on fumes, I'll be more than happy to link others to your NES site!


NES Monster - 09.02.04
Summer's over for you schoolers, so it's back to updates on the norm. As for my game? Uh, well, don't ask. Let's just say it's harder than I thought it'd be. To kick off the updates we'd like to thank Brian Shaefer who sent in a handy tip that saves a load of time when it comes to making NES graphics, be sure to check out the revised article. With that, Chris Dread has submitted an awesome ASCII drawing from Super Mario Bros. for your amusement, there's a brand new Darkwing Duck icon in the hot spot, and finally I've made a Metroid Icon pack! There's 10 Metroid icons, all within a 32 x 32 pixel canvas. I think I'll make them bigger next time, because right now they're kind of hard to see on your average desktop. Until I make more of those, they'll just be on access through this update. On a final note, OSG Magazine has opened its doors to the public, be sure to pay them a visit.


Weird-Edsel - 7.30.04
 Hey everyone! How's it going? Good. Now... for the news:
- The Caption This contest had to be delayed for an unknown amount of time. However, some of you noticed that the link to the Caption This section was crossed out. That was an error on our part. So don't worry, Caption This is still alive...and even better BECAUSE I FINALLY PICKED A WINNER! Yeah! Woo! Numba One! So head on over to Caption This and check out who won, and take a stab at the next contest!
- Also, We've been getting AIM Icons submitted by our users-- 16 of them actually. You can check those out as well.
- And last thing on the agenda is the new NESCity Live Journal news feed found here. So if you're a LiveJournal user, you can give that a look-over and keep up-to-date with NESCity.
- Oh yeah, I almost forgot. If you want to contact me, I changed my email address to edsel@weasel.net. That has been updated in the contact section as well. So keep in touch, will ya?
That's all for now, enjoy!


For older news, check out the archives.


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