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Window Shopping - Classically Trained

Quick Info:
Product: A retro style NES shirt with "Classically Trained" on the front and an NES controller
Price I paid: $20.00
Place Bought:
Still made: Yes.

Quick Links:
Buy it online
More NES shirts
Another medium-sized cotton shirt, this one features an NES controller on the front with the words "Classically Trained" written in college letteting.

Product Description:
Just like every other shirt, the only piece of description this came with was the tag!

A giant logo of the company "Giant" takes up the whole tag with their website address below at Beneath that tag lies another tag with washing instructions on it: Machine wash cold with like colors only non-chlorine bleach when needed tumble dry low, do not iron if decorated lavar en maquina agua fria, con colores similares, si es necesario use blanqueador sin cloro secar en ciclo delicado si tiene adorno no use la plancha. Below that has a picture of cold water, a triangle with lines through it, a square with a circle inside which has a dot in the center, and an iron with a cross through it. Below that has RN #88545, 90% Cotton/ Algodon. 10% Polyester/ Poliester. US Fabric. Assembled in Mexico. Telas De E.U.A. Esemblado en Mexico. MEDIUM

There are no pictures (digital camera's busted), but you can see it for yourself at 80stees!
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