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Here is where an old NES character pits its might against a character of today for ten rounds of comparison. Each trait is divided into its own round and compared against the others, whoever wins over the other opponent for the majority of the fight wins the duel. Place your bets.




Like playing a protagonist who eats things to complete the game? Then you'd love Pac-Man and Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Both games feature a main character who eats stuff while you play the game, but who's got the power to win against the other? Find out in this edition of versus!

Round 1: Superpowers

Powerful punch, grows taller with each meal of an edible foe, and breaks through walls!

Turns his foes edible through power dots, and warps from one end of the map to the other.

Winner: Giant

Round 2: Day Job

Learns magic tricks from bug-eyed perverted natives in the form of a woman. Gets it on with the Ms.
Winner: Pac-Man
Round 3: Outfit

A bony shell.


Winner: Pac-Man

Round 4: Motivation

To kill her mother and save her boyfriend.

To eat things and achieve a high score.

Winner: Pac-Man (where's the love)

Round 5: Villlians

Reapers, aliens, piranhas - pretty much anything that moves.

Ghosts - so they never really die.

Winner: Pac-Man

Round 6: Friends

Her boyfriend.

His girlfriend.

Winner: Tie 

Round 7: The Journey Locations

Through the greenlands of her home world.

The same map over and over again (with minor alterations).

Winner: Giant

Round 8: Hobbies

Eating stuff and killing stuff

Eating stuff and killing stuff.

Winner: Tie

Round 9: Worlds



Winner: Pac-Man

Round 10: Weakness & Strength

Weakened by magic and shots fired. Eats foes for health and grows if enough are eaten.

One hit, one kill. Uses power up dots to eat opponents and fruits for extra points. 

Winner: Giant

Giant: 3 | Pac-Man: 5  
Champion: Pac-Man

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Prince Of Persia vs. Ryu
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