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Here is where an old NES character pits its might against a character of today for ten rounds of comparison. Each trait is divided into its own round and compared against the others, whoever wins over the other opponent for the majority of the fight wins the duel. Place your bets.

Prince Of Persia



When their journey begins after their fathers are in peril, two heroes leap into action with their gymnastic skills ready to be used in any manner necessary. So which pouncing protagonist stands up in the fight? Let's find out.

Round 1: Superpowers

Can manipulate time itself.


Winner: Prince Of Persia

Round 2: Day Job

Enlisted in father's army, fights for his kingdom's protection. A freelance ninja who sets out against evil on a regular basis.
Winner: Ryu
Round 3: Outfit

A soldier's uniform, but strips it down as the game progresses.

A blue ninja outfit.

Winner: Ryu (Come on, a soldier's outfit is not intimidating)

Round 4: Motivation

To stick a dagger in an hourglass to see what happens.

To rescue his father from kidnappers.

Winner: Ryu

Round 5: Villlians

Victims of the sands of time, including people, birds, bugs, and bats.

Non-stop force of evil ninjas, animals, and street hoodlums.

Winner: Ryu (He doesn't rest!)

Round 6: Friends

A girl he knows nothing about.

A girl he knows nothing about.

Winner: Tie

Round 7: The Journey Locations

Throughout the ruins of civilization.

Amazon, Galesburg, Death Bridge, Death Valley, Temple Of Darkness (etc. etc.)

Winner: Ryu

Round 8: Hobbies

Very, VERY acrobatic, likes talking to himself.

Very, VERY acrobatic, likes talking to himself.

Winner: Tie

Round 9: Worlds

One world, and one setting.

One world, but over six settings.

Winner: Ryu

Round 10: Weakness & Strength

Gets hurt on impact and falls, drinks water for health collects sand for lives.

Gets hurt on impact and falls, smashes flying objects for items, health, and lives.

Winner: Ryu

Prince Of Persia: 1 | Ryu: 7 | Champion: Ryu

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