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Here is where an old NES character pits its might against a character of today for ten rounds of comparison. Each trait is divided into its own round and compared against the others, whoever wins over the other opponent for the majority of the fight wins the duel. Place your bets.

Donkey & Diddy Kong


Billy & Jimmy Lee

Two teams of two run after their stolen goods. Who covers more ground in terms of strength? Who will dominate the other in the ring? It's monkeys vs. men in this edition of versus!

Round 1: Superpowers

Donkey Kong can smash the ground rendering some villains temporarily immobile.

Has a high-power spinning jump kick that takes out anyone nearby.

Winner: Billy & Jimmy Lee

Round 2: Day Job

Unemployed. Training students.
Winner: Donkey & Diddy Kong
Round 3: Outfit

One is naked except for a tie, the other wears a cap and a shirt.

Tank tops and shorts.

Winner: Donkey & Diddy Kong (Yay for no pants!)

Round 4: Motivation

To rescue their stash of bananas.

To rescue a girl.

Winner: Billy & Jimmy Lee (Oh come on, Bananas grow on trees!)

Round 5: Villlians

Alligators, beavers, fish, bees, vultures... basically wildlife.

Thugs, goons, and acrobatic freaks.

Winner: Billy & Jimmy Lee (boo endangering wildlife)

Round 6: Friends

A rhino, an ostrich, a swordfish, a bird, and a frog.


Winner: Donkey & Diddy Kong

Round 7: The Journey Locations

The jungle, underwater, mines, mountains, and caves.

The city, the jungle, and a temple.

Winner: Donkey & Diddy Kong

Round 8: Hobbies

Eating bananas, getting hit on by Candy, and listening to an old man rant.

Martial arts and Threesomes?

Winner: Donkey & Diddy Kong (too awkward)

Round 9: Worlds



Winner: Donkey & Diddy Kong

Round 10: Weakness & Strength

One or two hits to die. Uses bananas, balloons, and other things for extra lives.

Lots of health, only three lives, and no power ups. 

Winner: Billy & Jimmy Lee

Donkey & Diddy Kong: 6 | Billy & Jimmy Lee: 4  
Champion: Donkey & Diddy Kong

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Late NES
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See more photos of the NES characters in real life situations.

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