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Here is where an old NES character pits its might against a character of today for ten rounds of comparison. Each trait is divided into its own round and compared against the others, whoever wins over the other opponent for the majority of the fight wins the duel. Place your bets.

Gordon Freeman


Blaster Master

Two people thrown into worlds of chaos without any prior experience in combat or firearms. Gordon Freeman from the hit first person shooter Half-Life goes up against the frog chasing toad-ally awesome teenager. Fight!

Round 1: Superpowers

None, but has a really cool jump pack.

None but has a really cool giant tank.

Winner: Blaster Master

Round 2: Day Job

Scientist.... pushing rocks into super spiffy looking beams of light. Unemployed.
Winner: Blaster Master
Round 3: Outfit

Funky looking hazmat suit with various environmental protection and damage reducer.

A pink and white jumpsuitish thing.

Winner: Gordon Freeman

Round 4: Motivation

To escape the facility alive.

To rescue his pet frog.

Winner: Gordon Freeman

Round 5: Villlians

Aliens, soldiers, and super fast hot ninja women.

Robots and monsters.

Winner: Blaster Master (Killing hot women is just not right).

Round 6: Friends

Scientists and security guards.

His toad.

Winner: Gordon Freeman

Round 7: The Journey Locations

A giant hidden science facility in Pheonix, and an alternate universe.

A big ass cave.

Winner: Gordon Freeman

Round 8: Hobbies

Collects guns, aliens, batteries, explosives, and health kits.

Collects guns, power ups, and weapon/ability upgrades.

Winner: Gordon Freeman

Round 9: Worlds



Winner: Gordon Freeman

Round 10: Weakness & Strength

Gets hurt on impact, fairly good health meter. Relies on health and armor stations/items for health.

Gets hurt on impact, fairly good health meter. Must kill villains for health and armor.

Winner: Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman: 7 | Blaster Master: 3 | Champion: Gordon Freeman

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