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NES Icons
To take any of the icons, just right click on them and hit "Save Picture As", then save the icon to your hard drive. For AIM, just go to your Buddy Icons option and select the file in the location you saved it to.

If you're using the icon for avatars in a forum, or you just need the icon's URL, just click on it and it will bring up the icon in it's own window. From there, copy and paste the address into whatever field you need to fill in; Or you could simply right click the icon and hit "copy shortcut".

Totally metro

Mega great

This is sick

Dog gone it

Pac your things

It's a CATastrophe

You bucky devil

Pinky swear?

Running out of ideas

All day, and all of the knight

Viking therefore I am

The girl next war

Dino something you don't know


Goomba loompa, doompidee doo

He's gone ape!

unwind yourself

Don't mouth off

Final destination

What's up doc

Stone fox

The ultimate wrapper

feeling a little grim?

This icon sucks AND bites

Frankly, my dear,

Dead on Holo man Balloony bin STARting right now Sand it to me


Shell out

She's your fantasy

A real caper

This is a super icon.

So good, it's rad.


Tuna noodle castlerole

Little do you know

It'll bowl you away

Bobble head

Dead sexy

Its a foot long

Spaced out

Who gives a flying duck?

Eye see you already eight

Boxing day

Upward SPYral

Feelin blue

Tanks a lot

No fly zone
Submitted by
NES Jumpman

Goomba ya ma lord
Submitted by
NES Jumpman

Barrells of fun
Submitted by
NES Jumpman

Jump start
Submitted by
NES Jumpman

It's a kraid!
Submitted by
NES Jumpman

Mac in time
Submitted by
NES Jumpman

Mac attack
Submitted by
NES Jumpman

Don't jog it all
Submitted by
NES Jumpman

I... I can't think of a pun! submit one! asap!
Submitted by
NES Jumpman

Rob in hood (have i lost it?)
Submitted by
NES Jumpman

Rad to see you
Submitted by
NES Jumpman

Call me raddy
Submitted by
NES Jumpman

Armed robby
Submitted by
NES Jumpman

Star talkin
Submitted by
NES Jumpman

Double parking? Or just up for getting Toad
Submitted by
NES Jumpman

Toad ya so
Submitted by
NES Jumpman

Good duck with that


Axe nicely

Shield your eyes.

He's got a point

Icons by the pound!

It's a hit!

Dig it?

It's hip to be square


Across The Street:

Tricked Out
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Town Hall
Request icons you'd like to see for your favorite game in our forum.


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