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RSS News Feed for NES City

Our RSS feed has been validated by several RSS validator... thingiesRSS feed for this page
The server for your aggregator is our address plus .xml - in other words, the link I just linked you to dummy. It's updated every week with whatever's been added to the site. 
LiveJournal News Feed Account
All you LiveJournal users, we've created an account for you to add to your feeds found here. Your first time adding it may clog up your friends page, but afterwards it should just be the update we posted. 

Teach Me, Mogster... err Monster!
Q: What is an RSS Feed?
A: Since I hate it when the geeks get to the keyboard and type up a bunch of techno-garble that goes over my head, I'll dumb it down so people like us can understand. An RSS (Real "Simple" (my ass) Syndication) feed is for people who use these doohickeys called aggregators, which, in a nutshell, check websites of your choosing to see if they've been updated without making you visit them. Doesn't that sound awesome? Too bad more sites don't use it. I think the reason is because the feed's document ends with XML, which, I have no idea what that means... something like... extreme... markup language... or something stupid. I just look at it as another three letters that go over my head.

Q: Where do I get an alligator... err... aggravator... whatever they are? I want one because  they sound pretty cool!
A: Some websites like My Yahoo! use it, but I hate those on account they're chuck full of ads. I use TrillianPro, but that will cost you money ($25 - seriously, that's half the price of a new video game), and that program isn't dedicated to RSS feeds. Here are a couple basic aggregators for you to use:

- BlogLines

Q: Can I get one for my site?
A: If your hoster-guy-person has Python, Perl, or UNIX installed, the answer is maybe. If you have no idea what those programs are or what they do (I hardly do), just ask him. If you're using Geocities or a freebee page hoster you're screwed. Fat chance they've got it installed.

Q: Where did you learn about this?
A: From here. Don't be surprised if you droned off or your ADHD kicks in - mine did like mad trying to read that thing.

Q: Alright, I think I've got my feed running, how do I know if it checks out?
A: FeedValidator - They give you a nifty little badge when you've passed their test.

Kupo! I mean... Bravo!



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