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Bomb-Omb's Corner Of Duds
People have told me that I'm funny and witty when I'm pissed off (yes, people besides mom), so I made this section which is all about how much I hate some NES games and why I hate them. So basically they're just giant rants that kind of trail off at points and I don't expect you to read them all the way through.

The Games
Taboo: The Sixth Sense
Just like a real psychic, this game will leave you with unanswered questions and less money in your pocket. I don't see why anyone who believes in the magic of psychic powers could believe a programmed video game could pull off the same concept.
Total Recall
Arnold, and Acclaim, two things wrong with that list, and it's not 'and'. The NES Movie based games add Total Recall to their graveyard, giving the corpse a look Rick Baker couldn't mimic. Arnold the stud comes out a dud, and Acclaim just adds to their reputation as a shameless corporation bent on ruining good concepts.

Bandai, the company who's brought us such great things such as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and disposable action figures peeks its ugly head into the console department. It wasn't just the dubbed Japanese guys emitting horrible screams when this was released.


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More satirical comedy can be found right here.

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