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Bomb-Omb's Corner Of Duds


Evil dinosaurs! Destruction of your planet! Flying fists, fireballs and grenade launchers! Sure, the concept sounds cool, but so does carnivorous underwear if you sell it right. Allow me to illuminate the situation in which you find yourself in; You are Dr. Simon, a genius, naturally, because everyone knows if you have a Dr. before your name you're branded 'shrink'. So when your world gets attacked by a mob of evil dinosaurs, you naturally have a robotic one premade! Hop in and destroy all these vile dinos before your world comes to an end!

doo doood doooooo dooooo dooo do do do! *SHING* I'm a dino.. AND a robot... can ya dig it?Your dinosaur... isn't much of a dinosaur. It jumps like the gravity is really really high, its default weapon consists of a punch which only can be used properly if you crouch and just hit the 'B' button until the enemy walks into it, and the human's weapons!? Ugh!

The guns spread throughout the world only come in four types: Fireball, which is literally a flying dot projected from your chest area. Fist launcher, which makes your fist project a ways ahead of you and returns in a  horrible pattern. Grenade launcher, which launches dots (presumed to be the grenades) from a tube emitted from your back. And finally the laser, which is a flying beam which, low and behold, not only reaches all the way across the screen but actually kills things in virtually one hit! Now, there are even more downsides to these weapons, the first being you can only have one at a time. The second is you loose them when you get hit (which is actually a good thing on some of the crappier weapons; when I get the grenade launcher I actually want to be hit). And the third is that even if they do diddly it's hard to get diddly to do they! All the weapons are as hard as hell to use, and even if you use them right once, one hit isn't enough to kill half the creatures.Which one is you? Isn't that the same constilation I saw 5 feet ago? And why is there so much room above me?

Should you find yourself pulling your hair out at all the creatures on the screen, don't fear! There is a huge satellite waiting at the top of the screen, which miraculously when you hit the select button, releases a HUGE bomb that wipes out everything but you! And the huge bomb effect is... a flash, and a sound fx, and you stuck with more monsters one screen over.

Dynowarz is not only frustrating but will most likely, like any other Bandai product, send you hurdling towards the floor like an epileptic at the strobe light dance club. It is a huge dud and should be sold on Ebay marketed as the first three sentences in this article. Congrats, Bandai, you've released another disposable product.

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