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Window Shopping - Donkey Kong Stuffed Animal

Quick Info:
Product: Donkey Kong stuffed animal.
Price I paid: $10.00
Place Bought: Wham! In Portland, Oregon
Still made: No.

Quick Links:
Search eBay: Donkey Kong Stuffed Animal, NES Stuffed Animal, Donkey Kong Stuff.
Search Y! Auctions: Donkey Kong Stuffed Animal, NES Stuffed Animal, DK Stuff.
Search Google: Donkey Kong Stuffed Animal, NES Stuffed Animal, DK Stuff.
This stuffed animal is modeled mainly after the Donkey Kong from Donkey Kong Classics. With his logo on his chest, this one foot tall ape is ready for some cuddling. Even though it is stuffed with beans, it still feels tightly packed enough to be called a stuffed animal rather than a beanie babie. I found mine non-packaged and with a slightly faded tag, otherwise great condition.

Product Description:
Although this did not come in a box, the only thing that came attached to this product was the tag.

The official Donkey Kong logo is on the front of the tag, followed by "TM & (C) Nintedo Of America Inc. 1989." The back of the tag in small capital blue print (lines are seperated by a semicolon in the following quote) reads "(C) Etone International Inc. 1982; Jersey City, N.J. 07302; Bean Bag with all new material; Synthetic fiber & ground nut shells; UC, & For N.Y. 45442 # 31257; For N.J. Ohio, Calif, L.A., MD.; Conn ME, 25 Nass 763, PA 58; Made In Korea."

All pictures are equipped with watermarks to avoid piracy in auctions.

Donkey Kong front view. Donkey Kong back view.
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