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The Wizard

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Jimmy Woods is 9 years old and is a little...weird. He always has some unknown urge to go to California. His mother gets tired of sending out the national guard to find her son, so she plans to put him in an institution. Jimmy's brother, Corey, doesn't like his family too much, especially the fact about his brother. He has nothing to do, so he packs up with the essential Items (A skateboard, flashlight, Halloween mask, and 23 bucks) and runs away with Jimmy to California. On their way, they they stop at a truck stop to get a bus ticket. He leaves Jimmy at a Players Choice Arcade stand (!). When Corey returns, he notices that Jimmy got 50,000 points on a Double Dragon game. They meet a girl named Haley, who gives them the idea to go to the Nintendo World Championships (called Video Armageddon) in Universal Studios. Will this prove that Jimmy isn't a dolt? Will their parents catch them before they get there?


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