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Super Mario Bros.

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Oh boy, where do I start. This movie was supposed to be a spin off of the Super Mario Bros video games we are all familiar with. But, it turned out to be just another "crappy" videogame movie. Was it really that crappy? I don think so. Figure it out yourself. Here is the story:
65 million years ago dinosaurs owned the earth. A meteorite struck the earth and left the dinosaurs dead...but did it? 65 million years after the "big dinosaur blast" an egg was found on the steps of a church. Inside was what looked like a baby human, with an added bonus, a blue crystal. That crystal was part of the meteorite what sent the dinosaurs to their doom. And the baby grows up as a normal human... Daisy. The Mario bothers stumble onto Daisy, become friends...blah blah. meanwhile, back in the dimensions of the dinosaurs (ha!) Koopa needs the crystal that Daisy has to combine the two dimensions (theirs, and ours) into one and he plans to rule them both. blah blah blah, Daisy is caught, pulled into the dinosaur world...blah....Mario bros have to save her...blah THE END.

I admit, this show is screwed up, but that's what makes it cool...ya know?


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