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Super Mario Bros.

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WAV Files

: Cheer up! Take it that you weren't. (Toad starts to sing) "Aint got no water anywhere. Food is bad; So.'s the air! Got no resources, in a great big stupa! All because of the evil king koopa..
Toad: AUUgh..
Cop: You know the law toad!
Mario: Hey wait a min! You can't just arrest the guy for just singing a song!
Cop: For anti koopa songs we can! (Looks down and sees their tool belts) AH ha! Plumbers!
Luigi: No, he is! I'm just the apprentice!
Cop: Get in the car!
Luigi: But I didn't do anything!
Mario: Are you telling us that you're gonna arrest a guy for being a plumber? Get out of here!
Cop: Get in there, plumber! NOW!
Mario: Hey what is this?!
Luigi: Alright..whadi-what did we do?
Mario: I am getting arrested for being a plumber...

After the credits, a short skit comes up. This skit takes place in the Mario Bros' apartment:
Japanese businessman #1: Well, I must say we have a very exciting proposal...
Japanese businessman #2: A video game, based on your many adventures...
Japanese businessman #1: What would you call it?
::Camera moves over to Iggy and Spike::
Iggy: Iggy's World...
Spike: Pfft... The indomitable Spike...

Trailer - View the SMB Trailer straight from IMDB!


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