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Duck Hunt Insanity

Duck Hunt Insanity: Log 1

  Well, it's my first try on my crazy Duck Hunt journey. I started this session off as a test round. I haven't played Duck Hunt in a long time, so I needed to get a "feel" for the game again. I sat down with my wireless zapper and started the hunt. My little brother came in and said, "Why are you playing this dumb game?" I told him because I wanted to get to round 100. He stated, "That would take forever." I made him leave the room.

  I shot 10 perfect rounds in a row. Not missing a single duck for a good 5 minutes. My wireless zapper was working well and I was planning to get really far. But then, on round 12, my wireless zapper was screwing up! Don't take this as an excuse, this is the honest truth: The zapper said I took three shots on one duck when I didn't even pull the damn trigger! I lost on round 13 because of this. I found out the hard way that this wireless zapper wasn't that big of an advantage for me if it is going to be so sensitive. Oh well, the first day isn't that much of a let down.

  Another thing came to mind. If I did make it to round 100, how would you believe me? Would you just take my word for it? I didn't think so. I need a camera to take a snapshot of the screen when I accomplish my goal, or no one will believe me. I have some shopping to do...
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Log Status
#1 The Sensitive Zapper - You're here. FAILED
#2 Team Work? FAILED
#3 Brightness vs. Contrast FAILED
#4 Boredom FAILED


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