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Interview with Otto

T!: To start things off, what do you go by? Otto? Or Agent 17?

Ted: I don't go by either, I go by Ted. Agent 17 is the agent number I am in the roster and Otto is my codename. I suppose if you're referring to which one my coworkers call me by, it's Otto.

T!: Alright, Otto, wha-

Ted: You're not my coworker, so don't call me Otto.

T!: ... alright, Ted. What are you up to today? I mean, I haven't seen Elevator Action 2 or anything, why not? Where've you been since the NES?

Ted: Carjacking. I steal people's cars then sell them. I figure it's  the easiest way to make money with a gun next to bank robbing. All I have to do is switch plates and nobody can prove it's their car unless they engraved their initials on it or something.

T!: Right... uh... I'll be right back.

(five minutes later)

T!: Okay, back to the interview (tosses engraver behind his back), so your life of action never stops eh?

Ted: Well, dodging pimp's bullets in the projects really isn't a life of action.

T!: Excuse me, "pimps"?

Ted: Yeah? What'd you think I was doing?

T!: Uh, getting confidential files for the government in a high security building and trying to get away in your car in the garage at the bottom floor?

Ted!: Heavens no! I'm "Got-To-Go Otto", quick, efficient, and always on the move. I'm a pimp from the country doing my business in the projects. I mean come on, a high security building? What high security building's power goes out when one bulb gets shot? Pssh. Those 'documents' were nothing more then the girl's numbers, and of course the other pimps in the building were jealous and wouldn't let me leave with their girl. And if I were an agent, don't you think I'd have a better weapon and car?

T!: But... no! You're Agent 17 with codename Otto!

Ted: Yeah, I'm the 17th guy in the roster. We're a club just like the Free Mason, Stonecutters, and MADD. And I'm NOT going to use my real name, if I get an STD girls won't want me anymore.

T!: But your suitcase reads "Top Secret!"

Ted: You want those numbers? You're gonna have to take 'em from me.

T!: Uh, no thanks.

Ted: Come on, you want some of this?

T!: That's all the time we have for in this interview, uh, Ted, thanks for stopping by.

Ted: Thanks for the car.

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