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Interview with Dragon Warrior

T!: Ok, seeing as how your name is customizable, what shall we call you?

DW: Just DW, since I am a Dragon Warrior. Some call me Erdrick the VIII, but that's just too long.

T!: *chuckle*... DW... Heehee.... like in "Arthur".

DW: Beg your pardon? 

T!: Arthur! The aardvark guy! He's a cartoon! Makes books for little kids, has his own TV show...

DW: ...are you laughing because I have the name from that show, or the fact that you watch it?

T!: Hey! I'm asking the questions here! *ahem*... anyways, your quest was to find the... *chuckle* Balls Of Light. Any luck finding them?

DW: You didn't finish the ga-  Sorry, yes I did find the... balls of light.

T!: Myeah, I didn't bother to finish the game 'cause I thought it was really repetitive battling the same creatures over and over and getting itty bitty amounts of experience points until I progressed.

DW: Well, the map was laid (T!: *chuckle* "laid") out so there were different areas of creatures, when you crossed the bridge, they got harder. Plus the sequels to the game tried to improve the inconvenience and added more party members to make it more intere- Hang on a second, be right back.

T!: Okay. Ladies and gentleman, DW has just run outside and is now stomping and jumping on a hill I have in my backyard. And now he's done, he's pointing his sword into the air and he has just yelled "Victory!". He's coming back.... What was that about?

DW: Huh? Oh, sorry I was just earning some experience points from that ant hill I saw outside.

T!: ... an ant hill?

DW: Yeah, I just got 24 XP and 50 gold.

T!: Gold!? Ants can't carry gold!

DW: That's a stupid thing to say, especially when I just got some from those ants!

T!: I step on a million ants all the time and I don't get any gold from doing it, just a mushy shoe!

DW: Have you ever searched the ant for gold?

T!: Pssh, no! I'd be able to see it!

DW: You can't see gold? You poor, poor man.

T!: I see that gold you have in your hand! But you don't get that from ants!

DW: Fine, believe what you want, more gold for me.

T!: Ugh, alright, that's enough. My balls are going to go release their light, take care DW, and good luck with those ants.

DW: Good luck with your pants.

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